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Who we are!

Our firm is dedicated to the people and buisiness we serve. Our goal is to provide you with a level of service not commonly found in our industry. We value integrity and aim to be as transparent as possible while not overwhelming you with the technical details.

We have been FFC licenced for over 20 years.

We are radio enthusiasts and have a passion for building robust solutions that maximize the performance of the system.

Mobile Radio Services

  • Off-Site Radio Service - We offer a full line of repair services from our Flatwoods, KY location.
  • On-Site - Installation and diagnostic service for your radio communications system. Our techs can meet you within 60 miles of Ashland, KY.
  • OTR/Off-Road CB - Installation using OEM/Factory quality equipment and techniques.

Base Station Services

  • Last Mile - Data link installation and service. This includes wi-fi and licenced point-to-point single user systems.
  • Licenced - Dedicated VHF solutions using simplex or repeater operation.
  • Citizens Band - An option for businesses that interface with the trucking industry. This is also a viable solution for any business that operates in remote areas as a team.

who we are

  • Alexander Pennington

    The driving force behind the solutions and innovations at our firm.

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