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Who we are!

Our firm is dedicated to the people and buisiness we serve. Our goal is to provide you with a level of service not commonly found in our industry. We value integrity and aim to be as transparent as possible while not overwhelming you with the technical details.


We offer automation services that encompass ground up design and retrofitting existing infrastructure. This includes combining low cost and high stabliity hardware with custom controls. We use open source software and hardware to keep cost at a minium while offering complete control and flexability for a system. We employ unlicenced radio networks and non-ip wired networks to facilitate data acquisition.


We have an in-house welding and machine shop that allows up to keep cost low while providing solutions that meet the needs of an industrial environment. Custom built sensors and actuators are used automate equipment that is currently in place saving on down time.

who we are

  • Alexander Pennington

    The driving force behind the solutions and innovations at our firm.

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