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Our firm is dedicated to the people and buisiness we serve. Our goal is to provide you with a level of service not commonly found in our industry. We value integrity and aim to be as transparent as possible while not overwhelming you with the technical details.

Mounting Trailer Axle Springs

Ever wondered why you would weld one plane of the trailer spring mount and not another? This article contains some great information on the topic. We've linked to the article below in exchange for a copy of the plans. We're planning on constructing the Monster Gantry Crane. When we've received the plans we'll post a review and opur experiences constructing the crane.

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5G and the threat to U.S. National Security

'New York Times' reporter David Sanger discusses the threat Huawei poses to U.S. National Security in the upcoming 5G global network.

Cyber Security video from VICE on HBO

This video shows a cyber security expert compromising the built-in WiFi in a car. Demonstrating how cyber security can be taken for granted in devices not commonly thought of as vulnerable to attack.

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We figured it was only fitting that our first blog post be about creating the website. From provisioning the server on the Amazon Web Systems, with a near 100% up-time and amazingly fast data stream, to finalizing the sight design. Each step requires an exacting attention to detail, incorporating ascetic appeal, end user functionality, and the latest best security practices. We use a combination of Adobe DreamWeaver and Grav CSM to bring our ideas to life.

who we are

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